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How to create perfect landing pages

How to create perfect landing pages is aimed towards businesses that sell using PPC, Social Media advertising and email marketing. Your products may be different, a mobile app, e-commerce store, subscription service, but it doesn’t really matter. Using a solid foundation every time and you’ll have the basis in place for every campaign you implement. You can create this page in a few hours in WordPress, Joomla or using a conversion page service like Leadpages like us. Either will perform just as well.

The general layout for a great landing page is as simple as it is good. The hard part is writing down what is compelling about your product and what sets it apart from the competition. You need to create something that people understand when they know nothing about you.

To do this, write it as if you where explaining what you do to a five-year old child. The five-year-old doesn’t have any previous understanding of your business or understanding of your services. If you want to go back and add in detail later, you can. But first, break it down into something any five-year-old could understand.

Your explanation will need these key elements:

1. A really strong headline
This is your single sentence that describes what your product/service is.
Imagine a five-year-old you’ve never met walked up to you on the street, saw you using your product and said, “What is that?” Let your answer inform your headline. Try testing this out on some friends or family.

2. A complementary and supplemental sub-headline
You just told the child your answer, and they now say, “What does that mean?” Your explanation shouldn’t be far from your sub-headline.

3. A statement about the main benefit your product provides (or, what problem do you solve?)
Why would someone need your product or service?” Write down all the main reasons why your product benefits them. Take the strongest and broadest one and make that the main benefit statement.

4. Benefit bullet points

Take the next strongest reasons from your above list and turn them into bullet points.

5. A conversion button
This is your call to action. Take out the filler words and label your button, “Download E-book” for example.

6. Testimonials and data
(for the skeptical zone)
The skeptical zone is the area for people who are intrigued by what you have to say but aren’t entirely sure and aren’t ready to click the conversion button yet. Fill this area up with data and testimonials about how great your product is. Make them to be ready to convert.

7. The long conversion
This is where you convert the skeptics. Use the same button you did above, but this time at the bottom of the page.

If you arrange your landing pages as above it should convert every time and save you hours of time split testing various different designs.

Here’s a visual guide on how to create perfect landing pages:

Do you need help creating or setting up the perfect landing page? If so, please contact us today and we’ll get your business converting.